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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The New Contender!


Samsung Galaxy S4 will definitely cement Samsung's position as the number one mobile maker. Of course, Apple will try to launch a better phone :iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6
The S4 I9500 is a big upgrade in some aspects compared to the S3. The phone's screen increases up to 5 inches, and also increases screen resolution. The physical design changes little compared to the S3, but since S4 has an octo- processor, it is more responsive than S3's quad- processor.

New Features-

Air Gesture lets users wave over the phone to manipulate some controls, such as choosing music or scrolling web pages. Related: Air Wave allows people to hover their fingers to manipulate the screen.
Dual Video Call permits use of both cameras simultaneously so that the caller on the other end can see other people.
Group Play lets S4 users share documents, music, games and more, even combining up to eight handsets to create a speaker system (using Share Music).
S Health tracks some personal biological functions, such as calorie burn, heart rate and pulse and pulls them together into a mini report.
S Translate is quite futuristic. The feature can translate 9 languages, including speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities. While the service needs a network connection for optimal use, there is basic vocabulary on device for basic translation.
S Voice Car is a voice-activated system for using Galaxy S IV hands-free.

The price of the S4 is still not exactly known, but the rumors are that the 16GB one costs 199$ and the 32GB costs 299$

There is an air of excitement after the news launch of the S4, and Apple, HTC and Sony will have to already start working on their next project. Go to this link to see the new trailer of the S4:

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