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Friday, April 12, 2013



When I was small, at the age of 7, my favorite game was Cricket. I was determined to become a Cricketer and I also went for coaching classes. My grandparents used to ask me what I would do when I would become big, and my firm reply was, " I am going to become a cricketer." I don't know if they approved of my decision, but they told me that this couldn't become an occupation and asked me what I would do for earning a living. I didn't quite understand what they meant by that. But anyway, my dream got shattered when my father had got a project in the USA. I was very sad as I loved Hyderabad and that I would never get a chance to play Cricket now. All my hard work, getting up at 4:30 and running 25 laps around a 100 m radius ground, was now shattered.
But after going there, I was fascinated by the games the Americans played. This included Football(Rugby), one of my favorite games. This fascination quickly turned into addiction and this soon turned into my future ambition. I was one of the stars of the team and I was very happy how they treated me with respect and care. I never told my parents about this ambition. I was happy with the way things were going and I started liking this place. But a time came when my grandfather got a stroke and we had to go back to India. But my father's boss was not letting him go because the project was still not finished. So he resigned himself from Satyam and got a job in Olam International.
After coming back to Hyderabad, I was very happy, now that I could meet my old friends and family. But this was also shattered when I found out that we had to go to Chennai, since my father resigned and got a job in Olam, whose headquarters were only in Chennai or Delhi.
I was very sad and I did not want to leave Hyderabad again. Even after going there and staying there for 2 months, I still could not adapt to the language change, the culture, the people, etc. I did not like Chennai. I hated it. When I was about 10 years old, my father made me join Tennis classes(we couldn't find any Cricket classes). Eventually, I started liking this game. I was playing very well and I also went for many tournaments. Of course the competition was so much that I couldn't even make it to the main draw. My next ambition was to become a Tennis player. I told my parents about this and they fully supported me.
But even this ambition was short-lived as I started loving Phones, Tablets and Laptops. Of course I loved it before also, but now I was totally loving how technology can improve people's lives so much. I was fascinated by Technology and I wanted to improve the world of Technology in every way I could(and many other subjects). I decided to change the world after all with my intellect after I read Steve Jobs' biography. I like his slogan, " The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones do." Now it was decided. Even my grandparents approved of my decision. I was going to become the founder of STORM, INC. I already discussed these things with my friends. But the strange thing was that they already started asking for jobs/positions in my going to be company. I couldn't believe that they believed that I could do this and after all change the world. After all, I am only 13 years old. My current ambition is this and I don't think that this will change again.
Do you think my ambition will change? If it will, then what do you think it will be? Do you think that my current dreams will come true? Please comment.

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